Sonia Marin talks about the water crisis in Brazil

Green Business: Hello and welcome! My name is Mabel, and you are listening to our First Green Business Podcast. Today we are going to have a chat with Sonia Marin. Sonia is Brazilian and has been working as a Business Administrator for over 25 years now. She is going to tell us a little bit more about the water crisis in Brazil. Thanks for being here with us, Sonia. So, the world have seen the water crisis in Brazil in the past few months. Why do you think this water crisis is happening?

Sonia: I believe this is happening because of the dry weather. We haven’t had regular rain for nearly 6 months. Without the rain, all the reservoir water became dry, because we used it all. Actually, we even used the water in the bottom of the reservoirs, you know, muddy water. Besides, the government did not put effort in the improvement of water resource facilities for the last few decades.

Green Business: Yes, the political part, and their inaction is concerning. But do you have any ideas why Sao Paulo haven’t had rain for so long?

Sonia: Well, I have read a report saying that the water crisis is happening because of the Amazon deforestation. The deforestation increased, I think, more than 100% compared to last year.

Green Business: The amazon deforestation seems an international issue, but how are you, a citizen of Sao Paulo, the largest city in South America being affected?

Sonia: The water crisis affected me in many ways. Such as: I can’t have my car washed, I can’t do my laundry as I often do, I usually shower twice a day, now I am able to shower only once a day, since I have a limited amount of water available.


Green Business: And do you think this water crisis is affecting only the population in Brazil, or this is also influencing some business? How?

Sonia: I am sure that this is influencing business as well. The restaurants don’t have water to operate, laundries, car wash, and so son… The agriculture people… They all depend on water abundance to survive… Unfortunately, they are all being affected too.

Green Business: What you are saying is really impressive, and we all hope that Sao Paulo can recover from this crisis very soon. Thanks Sonia, for sharing your experiences with us. And thanks you too who has been listening to us today! Stay connected for the next Green Business Podcast. Bye!

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