What is sustainable development?

Sustainable development is an economic improvement, established in order not to grow without limits, but to grow based on what the planet is capable of supporting. Sustainable development is the growth of the planet, without harming and damaging its own resources. This growth is established in order to support the advancement in a long term period. Today, we have a capitalist economy in most parts of the world. No matter what corporations have to do to grow, or the consequences, they do it. An economy would be constructed in order to keep, to maintain, and preserve the natural resources that we have in the Earth – and a development would only be possible, if built thinking in a long term period, rather that immediate benefits only. For example, if we had a sustainable development happening in our society today, we would not agree to build the Northern Gateway Pipeline. This pipeline is going to cause serious damages to not only Canada, but the rest of the planet too. These damages will be presented both in a short term, and long term. Canada has 25% of the world’s freshwater surface. Today, the pipeline will not damage this water yet, “only” the Boreal Forest, and a few other territories in Canada (maybe also the ocean, with predictable oil spills). However, in a long term, the pipeline will contaminate lakes and watersheds with spills, and also by having to reallocate animals, and plants, nature that were displaced in the construction of the pipeline. By affecting Canadian waters, the world will be affected too, since everybody needs water to survive. The world would be, at some point, counting on the other natural resources that Canada has to offer, not only the oil, but the water. And in the future we will not have this abundance in water anymore if we do not contribute to a sustainable development.

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