What are the benefits for businesses and society of a healthier and more sustainable planet?

The environment enwraps the society who builds the economy. That is the triple bottom line, the pillar of a sustainable planet. The consequence of living in a world respecting the triple bottom line is infinite, whether as living in a society where the economy is a priority, the benefits starts being only finite. However, as a capitalist world, businesses and society tend to prioritize immediate benefits and the economy, rather than noticing the long term benefits.

When the environment is respected, and is seen as the most important factor in a society, the growth and development of this society is a result of the chain. The environment is the source of all human successes. The environment is the base of science, which people use to find out numerous technologies, medicines, solutions. Without the environment there is no development, and no discoveries. By understanding that the nature is finite, and learning how to respect and preserve it, the world can become eternal. That is the biggest benefit of a healthy society.

However, when the economic benefits are put in the first place, the source of all the growth inside the society is damaged. Humans have to understand that most of the damages caused in the environment are irreversible. As an example of irreversible damage is the extinction of several species, such as Caribbean Monk Seal and the Tecopa Pupfish. The Caribbean Monk Seal was overhunted by humans, and the Tecopa Pupfish was extinct because its habitat became unsuitable, after humans started developing a city around the Tecopa Hot Springs (Gerken, 2013). The danger of extinguish an animal is that the food chain can be damaged. The environment works respecting a cycle, and all the living things are interconnected. When all the species of an animal are killed, this cycle is broken.

Breaking the environmental cycle can be life threatening to humans. The respect and preservation of the environment only brings growth and health. The benefits of a society or a business that respect and develops sustainably is then timeless. In sum, it is important to see the long term consequence of human actions, instead of benefiting only the pockets during an uncertain period of time. It is important to respect and follow the triple bottom line.

Gerken, J. (2013). 11 Animals that are now extinct… And it’s our fault. Huffington Post. Retrieved from: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/22/11-extinct-animals_n_4078988.html

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