What is environment?

Environment is all the natural space surrounding humans and animals. The water, for instance, is in the environment and is present in every factor of it, materials and processes. The environment is the only factor that engaged the human species developing the world. The environment is important since it is the human basis, the support for all human activities. Finally, to be able to enjoy the environment, people have to use the natural resources justly, so it can last a long time.

The trees, the air, the water, the ground. Everything belongs to the environment. Humans use the environment as a resource. As a natural resource. The environment, as a living thing, is then limited. For example, the world is made of 71% of water. Of these 71%, only about 2% is freshwater (How much water is there on, in, and above the Earth?, 2014). In sum, the environment has an end. However, the environment is also the source of most of the human successes and inventions. That is one of the reasons why the humans invented the so called sustainable development.

Sustainable development is an improvement, established in order not to grow without limits, but to grow based on what the planet is capable of supporting.
Sustainable development is the growth of the planet, without harming and damaging its own resources. This growth is established in order to support the advancement in a long term period. In this case, the water would be consciously used, and there would be no waste. The evaluation of the impacts from each human activity is an important ter
m in the sustainable development.

However, the impact of humans’ activities can sometimes harm the environpregnantment. The misuse of water is an example. For that, the just use of the natural resources is important in order to extend the life of the environment, and fairly distribute its benefits. Unfortunately, the just use of water is not being implied in many places around the world, leading to a water crisis.

The water crisis is the first of all the crisis that can come in a close future if the humans do not control and police their activities. The environment can last for a long time if used sustainably. The just use of the natural resources present in the environment will allow an increasing development and discoveries to support the human life with no deadline.


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