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It’s hard to know where to start. Every year we celebrate birthday. I mean, if we are happy people we usually would like to have the loved ones around us. And of course, we are happy when people remember our birthday without having to cheat with Facebook reminders. – Just kidding, we are not happy because of that, are we?

But why do sometimes we insist on taking off our birthday from Facebook? That’s a curious question. I know I cannot generalize on saying that people feel this need of being remembered and cared about constantly. Why do we feel so lonely in an era where we are at the same time so connected with each other? Please, if someone knows the answer, I’d love to hear it.

Last year, I was SUPER happy because I was turning a quarter of a century. Yes baby, 25 years old. Can I say something? I am feeling a little egocentric saying all of this shit.

Why the heck should I care who remembers my birthday when the world is flucking* falling apart? I’m Brazilian, and my country has seen so many bad things in the last week… From politics to a girl being raped by 33 men – No, these fuckers don’t deserve being called men.

My guess is that at the same time that people are living so “supposedly” connected with each other that the connection is not meaningful any more. I’ll clarify. Imagine that we are 24 hours a day glued to our electronic devices. I love saying that – and it’s probably one of my favourite things to say, cause I feel smart – Marshall Mcluhan once said that media is an extension of ourselves. And yes, any vibrating thing, or shine thing that an idiot (I’m sorry, I’m not really calling genius people idiot. Please read idiot if you feel like one… And if you are smart enough you’ll get it) invents today ends up in our hands and under our pillow when we sleep.

No, I’m not a freaky person that leaves the cellphone under my pillow, but I do imagine that the world has lots of those. Anyway… We have fake relationships with our friends today. We have a fake family. It’s all fake.

We got so dependent on “smart devices” that we forgot we are humans and that we bleed. I bleed. Do you bleed?

In the end, we say hello, good morning, we comment on videos that have nothing to do with what is really going on our lives… And we forget to say the really, really important thing: “how are you”. And whenever we say it, we don’t mean it. There’s simply no enthusiasm on knowing what’s happening on somebody else’s’ lives.

Do you know that thing that people say “quality over quantity”? Yes, my friend… We are living our lives based on quantity. The more the merrier. And that’s just not right. I mean, sometimes having a lot of one thing is good. But having a thousand of friends on FB, talking to one tenth of them sometimes during the day by commenting on posts, and finally arriving late at night home checking to see the latest posts…. NO… That’s not a relationship.

What was the last time you had a real conversation with someone? Or, what was the last time that you were able to stay more than one hour without your cellphone/ laptop / or the freaking internet from any device that I don’t know the name?

And why is that? Why we can’t remember the last time it happened? No, I am not counting those hours that you are asleep. Aha! I know you want to cheat, but we already do that all the time holding our cellphones… Let’s not do that here, please.

So, when I read this week that the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, was being criticized over hugging people, I just could not believe it. He is a human, and physical contact, or spreading love, like one friend said is OK! Yes, baby, it’s OK! Let’s spread love. And we do that by talking to each other, and looking into each others’ eyes… By meaning what we say, and by caring for our loved ones. And no, we don’t REAAAALLY need to love the one across from us to spread love. We just need to care. We need to care more than we usually care about ourselves. We need to be less selfish.

And I know that we know (that’s awkward) how to do that.

There’s one more thing I want to say… Who the fuck cares if that guy posted a photo on Instagram and his wife’s butt is showing? If she agreed, my friends… And if they are happy, even better! (Don’t ask me why I read this article…). After all, we were all born naked. At least I was born naked. So, unless your family is pretty damn rich and developed a way of putting clothes on you before you were born… (I know, I’ve made my point already, sorry).

In conclusion (I don’t know how to finish, just like I did not know how to start, so in conclusion works pretty well), we need to love, and we need to care. We need to talk, and we need to share. Leaving our technology behind is not wrong… It’s just part of being humans. My grandma did not have a cellphone when she was my age, and she has really interesting stories to tell…. Way more interesting than the ones we see on the internet today, and think we will remember in 20 years. Memories are created by living, not by liking through a click.

PS: My point is made when in 20 years you do not remember what I wrote here. Thank you! You are welcome.

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