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I’m Brazilian living in the beautiful city of Victoria BC, since 2013.img_4671.jpg

Here I write my ideas and all the things that I am concerned about. You are more than welcome to comment, share, and talk to me! 

A bit more about me:

I have a Bachelor of Business Administration in Sustainability and International Business from Royal Roads University, which gave me an opportunity to look at business strategies from different points of view; considering profit and positive impact in the society.

Having worked for a year with property management right after graduation, today I am working as the Marketing, Design and Partnership Coordinator at Victoria Women in Need Community Cooperative (WIN), an amazing nonprofit in Victoria, BC. 

I worked as Education Coordinator for The Didi Society, a local NGO whose mandate fits perfectly into my life’s mission: “Empowering women globally and educating youth locally for sustainable development and equality”. Working with The Didi Society inspired me to continue looking for more opportunities and challenges to fulfill my wish to engage people in more sustainable practices.

In 2016, I was selected by Leading Change 2016 as one of Canada’s 150 emerging environmental leaders and represented Leading Change and Royal Roads University at the 2016 Globe Conference on Sustainability and Business. At the conference, I talked to people from different organizations and nationalities and had the honour of meeting the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

Engaged in a project for RRU, I acted as a student representative on the Ashoka Changemakers committee. The Changemakers Program promotes diversity and uses social innovation knowledge to unite other leaders in changing the course of “critical social issues”. Having initially volunteered to the program, I was then hired by RRU’s as a Research Assistant to identify all the ways RRU is already committed to social change.

I’m someone who is constantly curious and I love to wear many hats. Learning is my thing and I like to always be evolving! My plan is to continue to get involved with projects that fulfill my goals of promoting social and environmental sustainability, women empowerment, and equality. My hope is to effect positive change through responsible business practices that respect the environment.



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Leading Change 2016 + Globe Series 2016

Within the semester I had the pleasure to participate in Leading Change 2016. The article below by Todd Thexton was published by Crossroads from Royal Roads University.

Thexton describes a little bit of my experience during this conference that was held in March 2016, in Vancouver.

To know more about my week at the conference, read “The Day I meet Justin Trudeau” here.

Why study at Royal Roads University

In 2016, I had the honour of being invited to participate in Royal Roads University promotional video for international students. Find out what I think of Royal Roads University here:

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